Jill: The shrimp is so artificial it doesn't trigger my allergies.
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— Jill's reaction

70% of our readers consider shrimp ramen to be "disgusting" is an article by The Augmented Eye.

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This is not really a surprise, but a lot of people seem to hate this particular brand of instant food.

This is from a survey we conducted here at The Augmented Eye last month. We asked our readers to tell us their most hated dishes.

And with a total of six thousand votes, it looks like the market for shrimp ramen is reducing! That's good. Because it SUCKS. It sucks so much, I barf a little everytime I smell it. How can anyone LIKE that? It's ridiculous.

Ugh, I can't even finish this article. I'm sorry, everyone but I have to puke.

Blergh. I hope it's put out of sale.

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