Alice_Rabbit is a notorious hacker/hacker group in the game whose identity is unknown and has caught the media's attention. During the course of the game they released sensitive information that ultimately led to the disbanding of the White Knights.

According to TOMCAT, Alice_Rabbit is likely an individual as their methods have remained consistent and always use similar methods, plus they always seem to fit an agenda.


  • The name Alice_Rabbit is a reference to the story of Alice in Wonderland, where the titular Alice follows a white rabbit down a hole into wonderland.
    • It is also possibly a reference to the science fiction film The Matrix. The main character is told to "follow the white rabbit" which ultimately leads him to fight against the matrix.
  • The katakana in Alice_Rabbit's logo (アルス) spells out "Aluce" instead of "Alice" (アリス)
  • The Alice_Rabbit logo appear briefly when Alma takes control of The Bartending Screen, Implying she may have some connection to the name.
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