Alma Armas is a professional hacker, a close friend of Jill, and a regular customer at VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Alma is a tall, blonde female with hazel eyes and fairly tan skin, as well as large breasts. She is mainly seen wearing a maroon ribbed sweater and thin, semi-rounded glasses. While it is not shown often, she has artificial hands, which she chose to receive to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while hacking. She's only replaced her hands; the arm muscles are still hers (albeit with some enhancements).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alma tends to be playful and enjoys teasing people.

However, she takes family and familial responsibility very seriously. One of the biggest sources of frustration in her life at the moment is that her older sister Dayana is not taking the time to actually raise her children.

Background[edit | edit source]

Alma started coming to VA-11 Hall-A roughly six months before the start of the game. She was served by Gillian the first time she came around but was served by Jill the second time and felt like Jill just "got her."

Order list[edit | edit source]

The following are the list of drinks which Alma will ask for during the course of the games story (drinks in italic are ones that aren't explicitly asked for but will not be classed as mistakes if given):

December 15 (Day 3)
December 17 (Day 5)
December 23 (Day 11)
  • Brandtini (any other sweet drink won't be counted as mistake)
  • Something Cold & Alcoholic (serving a Flaming Moai will make her complain, but you still get a flawless service bonus in the end)
  • Something Sweet
December 28 (Day 16)
December 29 (Day 17)

She will only come if you do not complete the requirements for Secret Client Three.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alma has four siblings, two older and two younger. Each of them, including Alma, have first names whose first letter corresponds with the first five letters of the English alphabet. Alma is older than Bernado and Eva. Dayana and Carlotta are older than Alma.
  • Alma's little brother Bernardo finds that anything with meat always soothes him.
  • Alma's family having a large bust size seems to run in her mother's side of the family. The only one that didn't inherit it was Eva.
  • Alma says that her mom and dad are hard workers and "even started a small shop to have something to do after retirement."
  • Alma thinks her mom can be really abrasive; her mom is concerned that Alma doesn't care that she's 27 and not caring to have a Catholic wedding, and the fact that Alma is this old and not married or pregnant means she won't ever have kids.
  • Dana refers to Alma as "Armitage" a reference to a character in William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk fiction novel Neuromancer.
  • She does temporarily become playable, when Jill is down and she hacks into the bar's interface to serve Jill a drink and act as the bartender temporarily.
  • Alma can see things from a long distance (albeit a little bit blurry) without her glasses.
  • Alma drank a lot of beer in college.
  • The most embarrassing thing Alma has done while drunk is that she almost bought a timeshare in Panama. She fell into the trap with the free bar. If it weren't for her brother-in-law, Alma would be forever doomed to spend one week a year in Panama (or she would have to forfeit her money spent on the share).
  • In the truth or dare segment on day 13, Alma can reveal that she has hacked into Jill's phone (which is a CaliCOMP phone). CaliCOMP gets updates more than any other system in the world. Every week, Alma updates her CaliCOMP hack program, using Jill as a guinea pig. Alma hacks into Jill's phone once a week and takes a photo a week (since Jill takes photos daily). If Alma notices that the program is missing a week, she looks for the missing pic and investigates.
  • Once Alma got mugged on the street so she kinda threw her hand at the thief to knock him out like a rocket punch. It propelled itself towards the thief, and it worked. She finds it embarrassing as it was cartoony.
  • Alma's artificial hands has a startup time after reattachment.
  • Alma wore twintails in elementary school.
  • When Alma was a girl, she dreamed of being a "Professional Puzzle Master".
  • Alma can comment that the most uncomfortable thing that has happened to her artificial hands is that they get stuck a lot on clothes and fibers and sometimes the joints get jammed with cloth.
  • Skin doesn't grow on Alma's arms; they're covered by the platee.
  • Alma's favorite part of the chicken is the breast. Mainly because "simple is the best" and it's easy to eat, and not that messy in comparison to other parts of the chicken, such as the legs.
  • Alma likes guys that are well-dressed and have "some muscle".
  • Alma prefers b-LINK over *Kira* Miki.
  • When asked about Alice Rabbit, Alma will rant about how it's an overly sensationalized concept. However when Alma hacks into Jill's work station to allow it to let her mix drinks, the Alice_Rabbit symbol flashes on screen briefly, this could indicate she IS Alice_Rabbit, or just using her software, however, if the latter were true, some of the contents of her rant wouldn't make sense.
  • Alma is sensitive about people making jokes that she got plastic surgery and proclaims that her generous figure is all natural.
  • Even though Alma has artificial hands (enhancements), it hasn't improved her strength since it's still her muscles underneath.
  • Picking Alma in Truth or Dare will bring up the question "What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to your arms?" Alma will mention while she was getting mugged, her hand shot out "similar to a rocket punch", referencing Venom Snake's bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid V. This is a reference within a reference, as Zadornov's prosthetic hand is the first to make reference of the arm blast, referring to it as "Rocket Peace".
  • Alma studied computer engineering in college, but dropped out because she "was fed up with the whole "make programs for other people" thing.
  • Alma has had four boyfriends that she's introduced to her parents. The first one was in high school; she broke up with him because he cheated on her. The second one was during her freshman year; she broke up with him after he thought it'd be funny to punch her in the arm. The third one she met shortly after she dropped out of college. He was interested in marriage; but he wanted to get married after only half a year or so of knowing him. The last one is Richard; she spent almost four years with him. They got along well, had "awesome chemistry" and she "truly loved him". But as time went by, there was a rift that started separating the two. He just didn't like her family. Moreover, he wasn't a family person. He distanced himself from his own and voiced that he didn't want kids. There was a part of Alma that wanted to believe, even if just for a little bit, that maybe he'd change his mind. But as much as she loved him, that one detail brought a growing gap between the two. And at one point Alma just... had to break up with him.
  • There are two reasons why Alma decided to get artificial hands. The first is that since she spends lots of time typing, the artificial hands would help her avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The second reason is that getting artificial hands gives her other utilities; like how she can interface with many devices. For example, there's a tiny computer embedded in her glasses. If she moves her index finger, it acts like the computer's cursor.
  • It is heavily implied that Bernardo is a transgender man, given Alma having to correct herself when referring to him on multiple occasions, including grouping him in with her other sisters, and almost using a different, likely feminine name before correcting herself. This is likely due to Bernardo only recently coming out.

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