Art is a private investigator. He initially comes to VA-11 Hall-A seeking the killers Crimson Rose and Cobalt Lily, but ends up becoming a regular.

Appearance Edit

Art is a balding man with dark hair. He wears a pair of circular glasses, a red and black striped scarf, a blue and white plaid shirt, and a high collar brown coat.

Personality Edit

Art makes a big deal about appearing cool and often acts like he's in a detective thriller. Despite his quirks, he does take his work seriously and is a competent PI.

Background Edit

Art got his start as a private investigator when his daughter disappeared for years without a word after the two of them got into a big fight. At first he waited for her but eventually he got worried and started look for her. Eventually he found his daughter taking cover in a dumpster, unconscious from starvation. The contacts and skill he acquired during this time would continue to be used by him for years to come.

After he found his daughter, Art continued to get regular work as a private investigator.

Order List Edit

December 16 (Day 4)
December 19 (Day 7)
December 24 (Day 12)
December 26 (Day 14)

Trivia Edit

  • His name and appearance are a reference to George Costanza from Seinfeld, Art Vandelay being a fake name he uses in a few episodes of the show.
  • Jill's remark that Art looks like he celebrates Festivus is a reference to "The Strike", a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza's father invents a new holiday out of exasperation with the consumerism of the Christmas holidays.