A Bloom Light is 4 Adelhyde, 1 Powdered Delta, 2 Flanergide and 3 Karmotrine. All aged, on the rocks and mixed.

It's a spicy, promo and bland drink costing $230.

Description Edit

Described as being brown and spicy for a few drinks but the more you drink the more it tastes like sand.

Background Edit

There's an origin story, this an extract from the game.

Deal: I wonder why it's called a Bloom Light.

Jill: Seems it was first developed at some video games event. The creator said something about making the attendees feel like their customers do. Said attendees were, of course, part of some big games company. Seems that company always used too much bloom lighting, so the bartender there literally made them drink all the bloom.

Betty: So it's not called that because it glows in the dark?

Jill: Not this one, no.

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