A Blue Fairy is 4 Adelhyde and 1 Flanergide with (optional) Karmotrine. All aged and mixed.

It's a sweet, girly and soft drink costing $170.

Trivia Edit

  • Blue Fairy is the name of a real cocktail, usually blue and absinthe based.
  • In the game, Dorothy can ask why is a Blue Fairy called a Blue Fairy. Jill says the name is based off Absinthe, which some called "the Green Fairy" (something that Taylor can mention if you had Absinthe in your inventory when he was there). The first versions of Blue Fairy were describe as "Sweeter Absinthe". However, they had to fix the formula because people were turning "blue-ish green".
  • The name could also be a reference to the Jacques Senaux Blue Absinthe, which has a fairy on the bottle.
  • Blue Fairy also appears on the drink menu for Stardust, a bar in Read Only Memories.

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