"Fore": It could be worse?
Jill: God forbid things get under control here.

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— Jill's reaction

Crime rate up 5% this month is an article by The Augmented Eye.

Transcript Edit

Crime is up 5% this month, officially making the road to Megachristmas a dangerous one.

White Knights, aware of the situation, have promised to maintain security in all sectors, even though recent budget cuts have been decreasing the morale of their personnel.

An Uphill Battle Edit

Poverty and the lack of opportunities are no longer the main causes of crime.

Criminals come from all walks of life. They will murder and distribute drugs for no other reason than the fact it gives them power. It’s no longer about feeding their families. It's about domination. There are entire sectors controlled by these dangerous gangs and there’s no solution in sight. This Megachristmas will be a very dark one.

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