"Fore": His acting is unnatural.
Jill: I don't think he cares about the rules of nature anyway.

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— Jill's reaction

Cyborg in Heels returns next year to the Super Silver Thunder Dome is an article published by The Augmented EyeIt can be read by Jill Stingray while she is at home.

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The popular show Cyborg in Heels returns to The Dome this march, with tickets going on sale in January.

Cyborg in Heels is a massive stage show about a cyborg fighting terrorism while wearing heels. Director Quinton Hayter explains Cyborg in Heels' special appeal during a exclusive interview with The Augmented Eye.

"What's not to love about it? It's a cyborg, WEARING HEELS, CUTTING STUFF. That's literally something we've never seen before, a niche market I'm willing to capitalize on."

Check out the full interview in the next few weeks, exclusively here at the Augmented Eye.

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