Deal is a Lilim, the best friend of Betty, and a regular patron at VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance Edit

Deal has extremely pale, white skin, a trait shared by all Lilim seen thus far, as well as completely black eyes with white irises. He is fairly short, and his neck appears to be in segments. He is always seen wearing a button up shirt and tie.

Personality Edit

Deal is rather straight laced and matter of fact most of the time.

He has an extreme love of dogs, Corgis in particular, meaning he greatly enjoys his work at the Seifar Toy Company. According to Betty, he sleeps with a Corgi plushie and has a wall dedicated to photos he's taken at the company.

Deal does not enjoy alcohol much and is not a big drinker.

Background Edit

Deal's specific make of Lilim is a DT-01d. Although a social development robot, DT-01d's are "work Lilim", designed for resilience. Although Deal never upgraded his muscles, he can easily withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

The name of his adoptive guardian is Juergen. Juergen apparently has a bad back and is reluctant to take medicine for it, claiming he's "not that weak". Although Deal passed his personality tests years ago he still lives with him.

Deal used to work in the department of the Artificial Intelligence Council that handled Lilim adoption for some time, meaning he has very detailed knowledge of the process.

One of Deal's neighbors has a dog that works at Seifar. This neighbor was the one who originally told him that the company was looking to hire humanoids. Deal now has the job mostly because the company legally has to have one humanoid on the payroll. He works as an "office boy", but with greater duties as he often has to perform jobs and functions that his employers are unable to complete because of their lack of thumbs.

Plot Edit

Deal and Betty first come in on Day 4 arguing about the loud banging noise outside.

Order list Edit

December 16 (Day 4)

December 21 (Day 11)

December 30 (Day 18)


Trivia Edit

  • Deal has a love of dogs which likely explains why he works at company run by them.
  • On December 30 (Day 18) he lists all the ex-partners of Beatrice Albert, the list is a reference to the song "Lou Bega - Mambo No.5"
  • Uses the word "Oklahoma" as a safeword if Beatrice Albert tries to start a fight.