Donovan: Sarcasm wastes my time, my money, and your energy. Refrain from using it.
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— Donovan.

Donovan D. Dawson is the owner and CEO of The Augmented Eye, ex-employer of Kimberly La Vallette and a customer at VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance Edit

Donovan is a tall man, with dark skin and a thick moustache. He has brown eyes and thick lips. He is always seen in the game wearing a button up shirt and tie with the top button undone.

Personality Edit

Donovan has a very crude personality and is often one to speak his mind. He states that he cheats on his wife almost as much as she cheats on him, and when looking to hit on *Kira* Miki, asked Jill if she'd seen the "Big tittied lilim".

Despite his crudeness, however, he appears to be an extremely intelligent man, owning and running The Augmented Eye, and perhaps more impressively, learned Cantonese in just 2 weeks, because he didn't want to be seen with his translator.

Background Edit

Donovan has been married at least twice and is still paying alimony on at least one. Years ago he went to Hong Kong to try to start a silicon business and was in the city during the Hong Kong riots.

Order List Edit

December 13 (Day 1)
December 14 (Day 2)
December 15 (Day 3)
December 29 (Day 17)

Secrets/Alternative Dialogue and Drinks (To be added...) Edit

  • Day 1 - On his second order, if you stuff up the order and serve Donovan an alcoholic bubbly drink (excluding beer), he will rant about bubbly drinks served by "big titted blondes in dresses showing lots of cleavage."
  • Day 1 - If you serve him a regular beer for his first order, he will ask for a big beer. Serve him that and another big beer, and instead of asking for another big beer for his third order, he will instead ask for a big, bitter non-alcoholic drink.
  • Day 1 - (to be edited) After his third order, (I think he needs to be drunk) he'll either complain about investors and storms off shouting his name at the top of his lungs, or talks about buying the Augmented Eye and leaves like a normal person should.

Trivia Edit

  • Donovan and Kim share the same birthday.
  • Donovan is in an open relationship with his wife.
  • Donovan's appearance and personality is similar to J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle.
  • Depending on your actions in the game, Donovan can either stay in the Augmented Eye as chief editor, or he will quit. If he quits, he can mention that he always wanted to start up a hairdressing business.
  • His father is a cars salesman and his mother is a economy teacher.
  • Donovan knows racial slurs in German. Later in the game, it can be revealed that Donovan spent most of his life in Germany (though he wasn't born there and isn't of German descent).
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