In VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, there are 29 drinks in total that can be served to customers.

All the drinks are listed in the BTC recipe book, on a software for CALICOMP where the recipes to all drinks that can be made can be looked up.

There is no time limit for creating drinks. If a player makes a mistake whilst creating a drink, they can just reset the order and start again; thus, there is no real tension in the gameplay. Making flawless drinks gives the player more money through tips.

Serving a beer.

To create a drink, there are five different ingredients that the player can mix together: Adelhyde; Powdered Delta; Bronson Extract; Flanergide and Karmotrine.

If a drink has 10 or less ingredients, that's considered a regular drink. You can make it big by doubling the ingredients. If the drink has 11 or more ingredients (without needing to double it), that drink is considered big and you can't double the ingredients.

In the case of any drinks with "(optional) Karmotrine", the amount of Karmotrine you add doesn't affect the size of the drink. For example, if you served a regular (2 Adelhyde and 1 Powdered Delta with opt. Karmotrine) with up to 17 Karmotrine, it would still be considered a regular drink.

Players either have to mix or blend their drinks depending on the recipe. Once you press the "Mix" button, if you press "Stop" while the shaker is still moving slowly, the drink is mixed. If you wait more than 5 seconds, the shaker will shake rapidly from side to side. Pressing "Mix" will mean that the drink is blended.

Most of the time, clients tell the player exactly what they want, though some can be more cryptic, for example by asking for a certain flavour.

Drink List[edit | edit source]

Drink Price Karmotrine Flavour Type
A Fedora $500 - N/A Bottled
Absinthe $500 - N/A Bottled
Bad Touch $250 4 Sour Classy, Vintage
Beer $200 4 Bubbly Classic, Vintage
Bleeding Jane $200 - Spicy Classic, Sobering
Bloom Light $230 3 Spicy Promo, Bland
Blue Fairy $170 (optional) Sweet Girly, Soft
Brandtini $250 1 Sweet Classy, Happy
Cobalt Velvet $280 5 Bubbly Classy, Burning
Crevice Spike $140 (optional) Sour Manly, Sobering
Flaming Moai $150 5 Sour Classy
Fluffy Dream $170 (optional) Sour Girly, Soft
Fringe Weaver $260 9 Bubbly Classy, Strong
Frothy Water $150 - Bubbly Bland, Classic
Grizzly Temple $220 1 Bitter Bland, Promo
Gut Punch $80 (optional) Bitter Manly, Strong
Marsblast $170 2 Spicy Manly, Strong
Mercuryblast $250 2 Sour Burning, Classy
Moonblast $180 2 Sweet Girly, Happy
Mulan Tea $500 - N/A Bottled
Piano Man $320 3 Sour Promo, Strong
Piano Woman $320 3 Sweet Happy, Promo
Pile Driver $160 4 Bitter Burning, Manly
Rum $500 - N/A Bottled
Sparkle Star $150 (optional) Sweet Girly, Happy
Sugar Rush $150 (optional) Sweet Girly, Happy
Sunshine Cloud $150 (optional) Bitter Girly, Soft
Suplex $160 3 Bitter Burning, Manly
Zen Star $210 4 Sour Bland, Promo
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