In VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, there are 29 drinks in total that can be served to customers.

All the drinks are listed in the BTC recipe book, on a software for CALICOMP where the recipes to all drinks that can be made can be looked up.

There is no time limit for creating drinks. If a player makes a mistake whilst creating a drink, they can just reset the order and start again; thus, there is no real tension in the gameplay. Making flawless drinks gives the player more money through tips.


Serving a beer.

To create a drink, there are five different ingredients that the player can mix together: Adelhyde; Powdered Delta; Bronson Extract; Flanergide and Karmotrine.

Most of the time, clients tell the player exactly what they want, though some can be more cryptic, for example by asking for a certain flavour.

Drink List Edit

Drink Price Karmotrine Flavour Type
A Fedora $500 - N/A Bottled
Absinthe $500 - N/A Bottled
Bad Touch $250 4 Sour Classy, Vintage
Beer $200 4 Bubbly Classic, Vintage
Bleeding Jane $200 - Spicy Classic, Sobering
Bloom Light $230 3 Spicy Promo, Bland
Blue Fairy $170 (optional) Sweet Girly, Soft
Brandtini $250 1 Sweet Classy, Happy
Cobalt Velvet $280 5 Bubbly Classy, Burning
Crevice Spike $140 (optional) Sour Manly, Sobering
Flaming Moai $150 5 Sour Classy
Fluffy Dream $170 (optional) Sweet Girly, Soft
Fringe Weaver $260 9 Bubbly Classy, Strong
Frothy Water $150 - Bubbly Bland, Classic
Grizzly Temple $220 1 Bitter Bland, Promo
Gut Punch $80 (optional) Bitter Manly, Strong
Marsblast $170 2 Spicy Manly, Strong
Mercuryblast $250 2 Sour Burning, Classy
Moonblast $180 2 Sweet Girly, Happy
Mulan Tea $500 - N/A Bottled
Piano Man $320 3 Sour Promo, Strong
Piano Woman $320 3 Sweet Happy, Promo
Pile Driver $160 4 Bitter Burning, Manly
Rum $500 - N/A Bottled
Sparkle Star $150 (optional) Sweet Girly, Happy
Sugar Rush $150 (optional) Sweet Girly, Happy
Sunshine Cloud $150 (optional) Bitter Girly, Soft
Suplex $160 3 Bitter Burning, Manly
Zen Star $210 4 Sour Bland, Promo
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