Essentia is a female Lilim and who is in the same cosplay group as Vella.

No-one knows where she came from, just that one day she started following Vella around for unknown reason. She is the only person in the game besides Jill who can clearly see Anna.

Appearance Edit

Essentia has pale skin, moss green hair, and red eyes. The robotic joints at her elbow and shoulder are visible and she has two pale colored disks on top of her head. She wears a sleeveless tank top with light and dark green horizontal stripes. Her face is always expressionless.

Personality Edit

Essentia rarely speaks and she never shows strong emotion. This can make her come across as creepy to strangers. When she speaks it's in single to-the-point sentences.

Plot Edit

Vella and Essentia show up at VA-11 Hall-A on Day 12.

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