Fore is Jill's cat, whom she talks to whenever she's at her apartment.

Appearance Edit

A domestic short-haired black cat with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

There's little information available on the character besides the fact that Fore always stays by Jill's side when she's at home. Nonetheless, there's evidence that Fore is trained and understands basic commands given out by Jill or possibly other sentient beings. Jill also claims he's a total recluse who rarely leaves her apartment and gets upset if even a bit of furniture gets moved around.

Background Edit

Roughly two years before the events of the game Jill found Fore as a stray while he was being cornered by a pack of dogs. Jill drove off the dogs and continued on her way home assuming Fore would go back to his mother. Instead, he followed Jill home and ultimately she opted to keep him.

Trivia Edit

  • Jill called him Fore so that if he ever got lost she'd have the opportunity to shout "Foooooooore!" outside of a golf course. She also mentions he's partly named after a Lilim kid who wanted to transcend (the Lilim gave Jill a finger of his, and Jill made that finger into a pendant that she wears, with the exception of showers).
  • The "Fore" that talks in Jill apartment is actually Jill pretending that Fore could talk.  This is revealed while Jill is drinking beers with Dana.
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