Gabriella is the younger sister of Lenore.

Appearance Edit

Gabriella is short in stature with a small bust and fairly pale skin. She has greyish-blue eyes and a usually wears a severe facial expression. Her hair is long and brown and is tied in a sort of ponytail with a red ribbon further down her hair.

She usually wears a red, spotted scarf and a brown coat.

Personality Edit

Va-11 hall-a official artwork

Gabriella can be seen hiding behind Jill in this commonly-used artwork.

Gaby is initially cold and curt to Jill in their first encounter at VA-11 Hall-A; she doesn't say anything in response to her at first and is somewhat irritated when Jill does not remember who she is. She is also somewhat spiteful and childish, blaming Jill for the death of her sister and lying about Lenore's symptoms getting worse after Jill left, seemingly in an attempt to make her feel more guilty.

Despite this, however, this was likely just a byproduct of the grief caused by her sister's death, along with her being still being a teenage girl. After Gaby made up with Jill, she smiled often and enjoyed talking to her for some time, as well as spending the night with her and Alma in one of the games ending's, showing her to be a kind girl at heart, and was simply sad over Lenore's death.

Background Edit

Gabriella is Lenore's younger sister by over ten years. She was there when Jill was in a relationship with Lenore and Gaby had a younger-sister, older-sister bond with Jill.


Trivia Edit

  • Once you beat the game Gabriella appears on the title screen alongside Jill.
  • If you get Alma's Ending she appears in the post credit epilogue.
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