Gillian is a bartender at VA-11 Hall-A with a mysterious past. He is known to occasionally disappear for a few days but is otherwise a dependable employee of VA-11 Hall-A.

Has some connection to Jamie, a professional assassin. Officially he is known as "Robert", his predecessor at VA-11 Hall-A, whose name he took to disguise his true identity. He also hates bell peppers, even when it is mixed in with food as small bits.

He lives in a small apartment nearby VA-11 Hall-A that Dana managed to get thanks to the BTC housing program.

Appearance Edit

Gill has semi-long dark purple hair, thin eyebrows, and stubble. He wears a bartender uniform and often carries a casual attitude even while working.

Personality Edit

Gil comes across as matter of fact and competent, although he can be taken by surprise.

Background Edit

Gil doesn't know where he was born although he does remember an early childhood living in the Arctic.

During the Hong Kong riots, he was part of an anti-riot force but defected after stealing supplies. Sometime later, after the death of Robert, he appeared at the door of VA-11 Hall-A in a disheveled and emotional state. According to Dana, he was severely regretting something he did, although she did not know what. Finding himself without any money, she provided him with free drinks and offered him the position of a bartender, which he accepted.

Dana tries to discover who Gillian is in some parts of the game, like in the Truth or Dare game where she even compares Gil to a picture.

He was involved with the KGB sometime in the past. As the KGB was dissolved in 1991, this may also hint at the possibility that he is older than at first apparent (this would make him about 100 years old). Although it is important to remember that the KGB was only officially dissolved in 1991, and it is possible that sometime in the past in the game, the KGB was reinstated.

It's also known that Gillian was in England and France at some point.

Trivia Edit

  • Gill is the one who gives you the tutorial on how to play the game.
  • It's implied that he and Donovan D. Dawson encountered each other during the Hong Kong riots.
  • Gillian's name may be inspired by Gillian Seed, the main character of Snatcher for the Sega CD.
  • During the truth or dare minigame, it is implied that he is claustrophobic. He also knows of a Joseph Shine when asked by Dana.
  • Gil has a passionate hate for bell peppers, despite not being allergic to them.
  • A member of the Unicorn Gang got Gillian into Glitch City.
  • In the original prototype build of VA-11 Hall-A released in 2014, Gillian assumes the role of the protagonist.
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