Glitch City
Glitch City is the city where VA-11 Hall-A is located and all the characters live. It is a city run by mega corporations (namely Zaibatsu Corp.) and is rife with crime and corruption. However its also one of the forerunners in social advancements for non-humans, in particular Lilim. While the city is governed by mayor Quincy, he acts mostly as a puppet of Zaibatsu Corp.

Due to its advancements in technology and the disregard major companies have for experimentation on the general populace, Glitch City has earned the nickname "The guinea pig of the world."

Glitch City is the center of the AI Reformation Program, meaning that if a AI has gone rogue they can be shipped to Glitch City. This has yielded a 88% success rate but has caused many citizens concern, as part of the program involves sticking the rogue AI in a service device such as a delivery drone or a street cleaner. Many are not comfortable with the idea of their packages being delivered by a device that may or may not be doing time for murder.


  • It is evident that the city has terribly inflated currency, as Jill states that $80 is not enough to even get a decent lunch and there are commercials for cup ramen going for the "low" price of $59.99.
  • Glitch City was founded less than 55 years ago, according to The Augmented Eye's article on Kira Miki.