Ingram: This crackhouse... is a bar?
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— Ingram entering the bar.

Ingram McDougal is a man who is generally ill tempered. He likes strong drinks.

Appearance Edit

Ingram is a man who appears to be of average height. His hair is a dark magenta, and is slicked back. He has four ear piercings that trail down the helix of his right ear. Ingram is seen wearing a magenta and white barred undershirt underneath an orange dress shirt, with a dark blue jacket on top.

Personality Edit

Ingram is extremely brusque and ill tempered, almost always finding something negative to say about everything around him. Around Jamie, he loosens up, as he shares his love for strong drinks.

Background Edit

When Ingram's daughter was born, his wife ran away as it was too overwhelming for her. He does, however state that he had good memories with her, even though she "ended up being a bitch in the end".

Four years before the beginning of the game, Ingram's daughter died. Every year since then he has hired Dorothy to roleplay as his own daughter.

His daughter died due to a White Knight hitting her to move her out of the way, causing her to hit her head on a wall and die. Infuriated, Ingram spent years paying for information regarding the man who killed his daughter. He eventually got his revenge, hiring someone to kill the man.

Although he was able to find justice for his daughter, he remarks still feels empty inside, as evident to his constant vices to fill the hole with sex, booze and Dorothy.

Order list Edit

December 13 (Day 1)
December 20 (Day 8)
December 28 (Day 16)

Or you may chose those drinks which will trigger different dialogs since Jamie won't show up.

  • Anything Sweet (Doesn't count as a mistake)
  • Fringe Weaver
  • Anything Sweet

Trivia Edit

  • Ingram never pays more than the minimum price for drinks. If you give him a big version of something he orders, he simply pays the regular price.
  • If you give Ingram two sweet drinks in a row on Day 1, he will talk about his ex-wife and daughter. A third sweet drink will cause him to talk about his daughter's death.
  • Serving him two to three sweet drinks on Day 1 doesn't count against your flawless service bonus.
  • Ingram's curt personality and character design are somewhat reminiscent of the character Kanji Tatsumi from the 2008 PS2 game Persona 4.
  • In Day 8, Ingram will talk about making a robot suit with Sylia. Probably for a reference to Sylia Stingray from Bubblegum Crisis.
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