JC Elton
JC Elton's is a market where Jill buys random knick-knacks to decorate her room, including movie posters, video games, and beer.

Purchasing certain items that Jill feels like buying helps her to stay focused at work, which gives her a tip cash bonus, and certain items will unlock new features for the player.

The player can visit JC Elton's before the start of each work day from Jill's room. All the items purchased in New Game will be already unlocked in New Game+.

Unlocks Edit

Unlocks the Model Warrior Julianne minigame on Jill's room.
(Note: You do need to buy the Assorted Cartridges item.)
Your Love is a Drug
Unlocks "Your Love is a Drug", the song by *Kira* Miki, on the bar jukebox.
Meet the Staff
Unlocks another song on the bar jukebox, "Meet the Staff".
Mulan Tea
Allows you to serve Mulan Tea at the bar.

Items Available for PurchaseEdit

Name Description Price
Cute Clay Houses "Cute Clay Houses" - $500
"Feel the thrill of being
scammed by souvenirs without
leaving Glitch City!"
Maneki Neko "Maneki Neko" - $550
"They say these bring luck
but its paw is broken, so I
wouldn't trust him."
*Kira* Miki Poster "*Kira* Miki Poster" - $300
"I could tear one off any wall
in the vicinity, but hell
knows what germs they have."
Cutesy Game Poster "Cutesy Game Poster" - $300
"I could tear one off any wall
in the vicinity, but hell
knows what germs they have."
Assorted Cartridges "Assorted Cartridges" - $350
"They're games no collector
wants, but they're still nice
for displaying."
Cracked Daruma "Cracked Daruma" - $450
"A japanese souvenir that has
seen better days. Still has a
vintage charm to it."
Alex Figurine "Alex Figurine" - $350
"From cult-classic videogame
YIIK. His beard grows in real
Movie poster "Movie poster" - $250
"'Night of the ID Snatchers'.
The beloved police
Megachristmas tree "Megachristmas tree" - $1350
"Celebrate the bastardized
commercial version of an
already bastardized
Replica Toy Turing "Replica Toy Turing" - $2350
"Not as sentient, but just as
PC-9X "PC-9X" - $1500
"It's vintage gaming!
Experience all the cumbersome
load times as they were meant
to be!"
Joker Cyclone "Joker Cyclone" - $800
"Despite the noisy name it's
just a fan. Fans are good,
though. Really good."
Holo-Plant "Holo-Plant" - $600
"In memory of a real potted
Paper Lantern "Paper Lantern" - $500
"Thanks to the chemical
coating preventing bugs from
eating it, we advise against
using it."
Your Love is a Drug "Your Love is a Drug" - $300
"IDOL HELL: A magazine with
all things idols. Has a
download code for Your Love is
a Drug."
Beer on Discount "Beer on Discount" - $1000
"The owner is trying to quit
drinking, so he's selling them
Meet the Staff "Meet the Staff" - $300
"This one's a scrap of paper
with the download code for
Meet the Staff scribbled."
*Kira* Miki Banner "*Kira* Miki Banner" - $900
"A Sashimono or War Banner
with *Kira* Miki's face on it.
Fills you with fanaticism."
Shoulder Massager "Shoulder Massager" - $600
"For those days where you've
built up too much tension."
Mulan Tea "Mulan Tea" - $900
"A coveted tea-based liquor.
Tastes like green tea and
kicks like whiskey."

Name Description Price
Hopes and Dreams "Hopes and Dreams" - $500
"The title screen music."
JC Elton's "JC Elton's" - $550
"It's the tune you're hearing
right now."
Safe Heaven "Safe Heaven" - $300
"If you ever feel homesick,
here's the tune of Jill's
Through the Storm, We Will Find a Way "Through the Storm, We Will Find a Way" - $300
"The tune of a certain Shoot
'Em Up. Did you find it yet?"
Last Call "Last Call" - $350
"The usual tune that plays at
Valhalla before Jill changes
the music."
Believe in me who believes in You "Believe in me who believes in You" - $450
"A certain song that plays
during the final moments of
the game and its credits."
Friendly Conversation "Friendly Conversation" - $350
"The song that plays during
special events outside the bar."
You've Got Me "You've Got Me" - $250
"This one plays while drinking
at Jill's apartment."
A New Frontier "A New Frontier" - $300
"An album missing its disc,
but there's still a download
code for A New Frontier."
The Girl With the Iron Heart "The Girl with the Iron Heart" - $300
"A comic that comes with a
download code for the song The
Girl with the Iron Heart."

Achievements Edit

  • Buying all 10 songs in NG+ is necessary to obtain the achievement Hit the jukebox.
  • The achievement Focus! is obtained by purchasing all the items (bills included) that Jill wants, to keep from getting distracted.
  • The achievement Live with style is obtained by buying everything.
  • The achievement So unnecessary is obtained after purchasing every decoration.

Trivia Edit

  • The name JC Elton's might be a reference to JC Denton, the main character of dystopian cyberpunk game Deus Ex.
  • The name of the unlockable item Joker Cyclone might be a reference to Kamen Rider W from the Kamen Rider series. More specifically, it's a play on the name of Kamen Rider W's base form, Cyclone Joker, whose power includes wind, as in the fan aspect.
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