Jamie is a mercenary/assassin and a regular of VA-11 Hall-AGillian tends to be his regular bartender but every now and again he orders a drink from Jill.

Appearance Edit

From a glance, Jamie's many augmentations are apparent. He has a cybernetic left arm and an optical implant on his left eye. However, he is still human enough to regenerate his skin. Past the augmentations is his muscular build along with his gruff face and facial hair. He wears a red tank top in all of his appearances.

Personality Edit

Jamie comes across as intimidating due to his appearance and he tends to keep to himself. However, when asked he is candid about his profession and his past. He is also quite friendly, as Jill notices when he is talking with Ingram. He always seems to "bring out the best in people."

Jamie is also shown to have moral value despite being a mercenary. He tells Jill that he does not accept any job involving killing someone who has been in the wrong place, but rather about people who have killed or stolen, thus seeing his job as "bounty hunting".

Background Edit

Not much is known about Jamie's past other than at some point he went through a process to have all the nanomachines in his body removed. Jamie describes it as being incredibly painful and akin to having thousands of tiny knives stabbing you.

He admits that he knows little about his past (though he claims he's not an amnesiac); not knowing his real name, that "many parts of [his] past seem to be blurry and vague", he can remember his parents but not their names, and isn't even sure if he went to college. He theorises that when he was expunged by nanomachines, it could have (almost) damaged his brain and made things blurry.

Order list Edit

December 14 (Day 2)
December 16 (Day 4)
December 20 (Day 8)

Trivia Edit

  • He bears resemblance to Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex series, seen in his augmentations and his face.
    • However, his attire and that his left arm is cybernetic might lead one to believe one to believe that he is Nathan Spencer from the Bionic Commando series, so his inspiration may have come from both games.
  • Just as Gillian shares his name with Gillian Seed from Snatcher, Jamie also shares his name with Jamie Seed, the estranged wife of Gillian.
  • On Day 2, Jamie can remark that he doesn't "remember his real name". "It might as well be Jamie" for all he knows.
  • Jamie talks about brain uploading, a process of scanning the brain and uploading it to a system (or something along those lines.) He then says that the whole topic was eventually cut off, and now "putting brains in jars" is the current subject being studied. This could be a slight reference to the simulation theory, regarding how humanity could possibly just be brains in a jar running on stimulants.
    • The day after Jamie mentions this topic toward Jill, the player will see a brain in a jar that wants a Blue Fairy. It could be a stronger reference or simply a punchline from the set up of Jamie's statement prior.
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