Jill's base room

Jill's base room at the beginning of the game.

Jill's room is a small apartment where Jill and Fore live. The player can interact with Jill's apartment before the start of the work day, as well as read news articles and blogs on Jill's tablet. It has a television, a mini fridge, and a kotatsu, and a balcony view of Glitch City.

There are a number of bills that Jill needs to pay over the course of the game in order to maintain her apartment. If she fails to make these payments then she's distracted that day and the condition of her apartment is changed. If she fails to pay her electricity bill on the 24th ($8,000) then the lights in the room are turned off and Jill's room is dark for the rest of the game. If she fails to make her rent payment on the 30th ($10,000) then she evicted from her apartment. This leads to the "bad" ending and unlocks the "Cozy hell" achievement. Making certain that Jill pays all her bills allows the player to see all of the other endings they've unlocked as well as gives them the "I feel like an adult" achievement.

Jill's upgraded room

Jill's room with all the swag!

Over the course of the game it's possible for the player to buy things for Jill's room, with specific things on specific days keeping Jill happy and focused at work. Later in the game Jill gets a Nanocamo app which allows her to change the color for her wallpaper and kotatsu sheet.

Once you complete the game, all the items and decorations you purchased carry over to a New Game+. Getting all the items and the decorations unlocks the "So unnecessary" and "Living with style" achievements respectively.

Some of the items the player can purchase are a PC-9X and assorted cartridges. These allow the player to play the Model Warrior Julianne video game, a bullet hell style shooter minigame. The video game can be played by clicking on the PC-9X in the lower right hand corner of Jill's room.


  • One of the items that Jill can purchase is a toy model of Turing, the deuteragonist from Read Only Memories
  • On the outside of Jill's appartment complex next to her room's balcony is a banner for one of *Kira* Miki's concerts.
  • Sukeban Games sells the real-life "SLUT" T-shirt through the YSBRYD Store.
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