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— Kim, waking up at the bar.

Kimberly La Vallette, or just Kim, is a (former) employee of The Augmented Eye, and patron of VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance Edit

Kim is a somewhat short woman with tanned skin and red eyes. She is seen wearing a white striped turtle-neck jumper and red-rimmed glasses. Her hair colour is not clear due to the bar's lighting.

Personality Edit

Kim when Jill first meets her is a high strung individual, jumping to wild conclusions about what Jill plans to do with her (she was unconscious when she was first brought into the bar), asking the bar workers if they're a organ traffickers, robbers, rapists, or pick pockets.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Kim or her past, but we know she hated her job as a writer of the Augmented Eye, and, it's possible she attempted to commit suicide. As during her second appearance at the bar, she mentions almost doing something, before she cuts herself off, while she was discussing her hatred of her job, and the reasons she quit. This also lines up with a news story that is seen in The Augmented Eye, in which an unidentified woman attempts to commit suicide, she is then caught in mid-air by another unidentified woman, most likely Dana, as she is the one who brought her.

It's revealed that journalism wasn't her first preference in college, it was robotics, but since she couldn't get into the course, she settled for journalism.

She really dislikes her boss and her colleagues ("bitches") and her job as a writer in general. While she was working there, her hair was falling out and she lost her appetite. Once she quit, that stopped and has been doing "pretty good".

Order List Edit

December 13 (Day1)
December 22 (Day 10)
December 26 (Day 14)

She will only come if you do not complete the requirements for Secret Guest One.

Trivia Edit

  • Kimberly shares a birthday with Donovan D. Dawson.
  • Giving Kim a drink with a lot of Karmotrine and making her order into a big Brandtini will cause her to fall asleep.
  • On day 2, if she fell asleep on day 1, she will show up to yell at Jill.
  • If you give her a Piano Woman instead of a Piano Man she will talk about a doll she once got...
  • On Day 4, Streaming-chan can talk about being interviewed by a "small meek girl with glasses" from the Augmented Eye, which is probably Kim.
  • After Kim quits her job at the Augmented Eye, she decided that she's going to start bartending training, starting in January, while she figures out what she wants to do in the future.
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