Jill: Happy not-birthday? Cheeky bastard.
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— Jill's reaction

The thread titled Let's talk about ALICE_RABBIT appears in the app DANGER/U/.

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| What it says on the tin.

| So what's the news on them?

| Hmmm, drawing a blank rn

| We haven't heard of Alice in a while now that I think of it, you think they're planning something?

| There's this constant rumor I hear about a terrorist attack next week.

| Don't scare me with that stuff please, I have enough as is.

| lol we're going to be attacked and it will be funny to see those white knights fucks do nothing but drink.

| How do you know if you get hacked by Alice? it's my first time reading about them.

| Lurk more.

| She normally leaves a funny ascii drawing and a message, something like "Happy not-birthday!"

| Sounds lame as fuck, why is Alice even a celebrity. . .

| The hell? Alice was the one who leaked all the internal White Knight memos. . .

| She literally started the riots with the leaks, at least try with your baits.

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