Lexi is a friend of Dana's and a former member of the Neo-San Francisco police. In order for her to appear Jill needs to serve any patron a Flaming Moai before Day 14.

Appearance Edit

Lexi is a pale skinned woman with a white bowl cut and dark eyes with similarly colored vertical stripe marks on her cheeks beneath each eye. She wears a bright red high collared jacket with pronounced shoulders, a white collared shirt, and a blue necktie.

Personality Edit

Compared to Dana, Lexi is more straightforward and to the point.

Plot Edit

About seven to eight years before the start of the game Lexi and Dana worked together on the NSFPD; Lexi as a member of the force and Dana as a collaborator.

Order list Edit

December 26 (Day 14)

Achievements Edit

Achievement An old friend
  • Getting Lexi to appear unlocks the "An old friend" achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • Lexi is a cameo character from Read Only Memories.
  • There are two other possible ROM characters who appear but Lexi is always the first to appear.
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