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Lilim are autonomous humanoid robots. Lilim live throughout the world, but their highest population density is in Glitch City. Each Lilim's AI is derived from Lilith, an earlier AI. Calling Lilim "Bots" or "Dolls" is considered to be an insult among Lilim (comparable to, respectively, "retarded" and "fake" for humans).

There are multiple different models of Lilim, including the DFC-72, King-Class CH1A, DT-01s, and the outdated DRK-S0L. The DFC-72 is a general purpose model, includes a external port on the head, is highly modifiable, and is classified for specializing in "social interactions." The CH1A includes a more advanced voice emulator, and their movements are smoother, but they lack the versatility of the DFC-72 and the durability of the DT-01s. DT-01s are also specialized for social development, but are designed more as "work Lilim", and therefore are designed as such.

Lilims' AI are uploaded to a cloud storage system known as the Collective Source. In the event that a Lilim's body is destroyed, their AI can be redeployed into a new body. Although they do not experience death in the same way as humans, most Lilim share a fear of not being redeployed. The DRK-S0L is the only Lilim model known to have been in use prior to the establishment of the Collective Source. Since redeployment was not an option, Lilim such as DRK-S0L models required regular maintenance.

Lilim are claimed to have internal biology somewhat comparable to humans, such as human sex organs. They also can become intoxicated, however it is unclear if they actually experience those effects due to a metabolic reaction as in humans, or if they are programmed to do so.

Notable Lilim[]


  • The name Lilim is a reference to Hebrew mythology, in which Lilim are the children of Lilith. The word "Lilim" is technically plural in Hebrew, but the word is used to refer to both individual characters and Lilim as a whole.
  • The names of the Lilim models reference various things.
    • DFC-72: DFC means "Delicious Flat Chest", and 72 is a reference to the bust size of Chihaya Kisaragi, a character from THE iDOLM@STER series.
    • DRK-S0L: A reference to the action RPG series, "Dark Souls."
    • DT-01: A possible reference to the Dtronics DT-01, a hardware controller for the Roland Boutique line of synthesizers.
    • King-Class CH1A: A reference to voice actress Chiaki Takahashi, also known as "Chiaking".
  • DFC-72 models are known to release nanomachines onto attackers when alerted. According to Dorothy, this mechanism can be buggy and trigger on wedding nights. She has modified herself to apparently reduce the occurrence of such events.
  • Dorothy struggles to say tongue twisters, so this could apply to other Lilims.