Mega Christmas party is an event which occurs on the 25th of December (Day 13). The guests arriving to the party are Jill, Dana, GillAlma,DorothyJamie, Rad Shiba and Nacho.

Truth or DareEdit

While the food for the party is being heated up, Dana suggests that the guests play 'truth or dare', which triggers a mini game where if a person is picked they have to ask another person 'truth or dare'. The player has the ability to influence the game when Jill gets to pick.

The minigame doesn't have any real impact on the outcome of the game, but the players get to learn some interesting facts:

  • Dorothy wouldn't agree to roleplay with mutilation for a client.
  • Jill dreamt on being a ventriloquist as a child, which might explain her reason to pretend that Fore can talk.
  • Dorothy has always dreamt on working with children and will probably do when she retires.
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