"Fore": That page looks silly
Jill: It's amusing in its own way.

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— Jill's reaction

The thread titled Miki concert appears in the app DANGER/U/.

Transcript Edit

| OK, so let's limit all the concert conversation to this thread. How are you preparing for the best day of your life?

| I'm going with my boyfriend

| >Boyfriend

Why would you lie on the internet?

| >Boyfriend

haha oh wow


| That is so cute, Anon! Anyway, I'm going with a very special friend of mine. . .

| Are you the girl from the other day who had a crush on her best friend?

| Y-Yes. . .

| So you're finally going to confess! oh my god, this is going to be the cutest thing.

| But I still don't know if I like her ><

| Just wait until Miki shows up, you'll know right away if you love her, trust me I've been there ^^

| How so?

| You will understand once you are there with her. Miki concerts are some magical shit.

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