Jill: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious how such a meetup would end up.
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— Jill's reaction.

The thread titled Miki Concert 3 appears in the app DANGER/U/.


Miki concert 3

| In the last thread: Anon
hates fun.

| ;_; I don't want fights...

| You people are so inmature,
what's wrong with being a guy
in danger/u/?

| why do you care if we assume
you're a girl anyway? fuck off

| >dudes
>in danger/u/

pffft hahaha

| Let's go back to the concert

| 207X and you stupid idiots
still care about petty shit
like this.

| HE started everything by
mentioning he is a guy.

| sigh

| A-Anyway, we should gather
somewhere to take the train to
the stadium together!

| Not a bad idea! we can make
an official danger/u/ meetup!

| >danger/u/ meetup
Like I'd want to be seen with
a bunch of ugly girls in front
of my friends.

| Okay, next thread I'm going to
moderate the fuck out of this,
no more shitposting!

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