Model Warrior Julianne
Model Warrior Julianne is a in-universe magical girl series that Jill liked as a kid.

The show is centred around a model who can transform into an armour clad knight who fights demons born of vanity and greed.

It is possible to buy a video game console for Jill's apartment that unlocks a Model Warrior Julianne bullet hell mini-game.

By the time Jill's come to work at VA-11 Hall-A, Model Warrior Julianne has been over for nearly two decades. However it's announced that a reboot of the TV series is planned.

Trivia Edit

  • Mwj-placeholder
    The image on the right is the placeholder screen Sukeban Games used while finishing coding Model Warrior Julianne.[1]

Achievements Edit

  • Achievement Hey JulesPlaying the video game unlocks the "Hey Jules" achievement.
  • Achievement In the name of beauty!Beating the game unlocks the "In the name of beauty!" achievement.

References Edit

  1. Official post on Twitter
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