"Fore": What's a Nanocamo?
Jill: Something to liven up things a bit in this room.

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Jill talking about the app.
Nanocamo app front page
The Nanocamo App is a phone app which allows the user to change the interior style of their home at the push of a button.

Jill gets this app for her smartphone on Day 5.

Background Edit

The Nanocamo company was founded in 2068 and styles itself as a pioneer of nanomachine fabric.

The products sold by Nanocamo were originally meant for military use but they are now available for public use. Recently Nanocamo has branched out to making underwear you can change color with a voice command.

Customization Edit

Walls Edit

Table Edit

Mascot Edit

Nanocamo's mascot is Camotan, a blond girl with Pippi Longstocking braids wearing military fatigues and a army helmet. Her birthday is on January 24th, her measurements are B 85, W 65, and H 90, and she likes the Musashi battleship, tacticool fashion, and peach cake.

Trivia Edit

  • Buying the "RAD?" wall paint, which is the most expensive one at $10000, will decorate the walls with pictures of Rad Shiba and prompt Jill to swear at it.

Achievements Edit

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