Norma is a teenager who visited VA-11 Hall-A to escape her overbearing mother.

Appearance Edit

Norma is a young girl with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. She is fairly short in stature and has a small bust. She wears a long sleeve black and purple turtle neck.

Personality Edit

Norma has a bit of rebellious nature due to feeling pressured from her mother.

Plot Edit

Norma first comes into the bar on Day 9 (December 21). At first, she's not certain what to do and is clearly nervous. She tries to order a Fluffy Dream, but Jill asks to see her ID. Norma initially tries to get around giving Jill her ID by coming up with a wild claim on the spot, but Jill simply cuts her off asking if she has money to pay for her drink. When Norma confirms she does have money, Jill makes her her drink. At this point, the player has the option to give Norma a Fluffy Dream either with or without alcohol.

When she gets her drink, Norma seems surprised that she actually managed to get one.

If she is given a drink without alcohol, she comes back a few days later, thanking Jill for not serving her alcohol.

Order List Edit

December 21 (Day 9)

Trivia Edit

  • Norma's birthday is on Halloween.
  • She actually thinks alcohol is nasty.
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