The Prologue was released in update and consists of 3 days, in which Jill meets Deal and Betty for the first time and the bar is reserved by The Seifar Toy Company.

Summary Edit

On day 1, Dana suddenly informs Jill that the bar has been booked out by the Seifar Toy Company for the whole weekend, much to her surprise. She then spends the majority of her night serving drinks to Dogs before Deal comes to the bar(who she has not met before and thus does not know his name). After engaging with conversation with him at several other points in the night, as well as serving drinks to more dogs, such as Dragon Fucker and Lady Banner, Dorothy enters the Bar. Deal, Jill and Dorothy engage in light conversation before Jilll informs her that the company is run almost exclusively by dogs. Having not seen any when she came in, Dorothy initially thinks that she is joking, but after realising that she is serious, she grabs the drink ticket that Deal gave her moments prior, says she will exchange it on monday, and leaves the bar immediately. Deal then leaves for the night with all the dogs, Dana comes out of her office to have a brief conversation with Jill, before Jill also leaves for the night.

Day 1 Edit

The summaries of all 3 days will be written as if the player has made no mistakes when serving drinks.

The day begins with Dana informing Jill that Gil has asked for sometime off and that the bar has been reserved by the Seifar Toy Company

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