Jill: So he decided to NOT steal all of the city's funds? Good.
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— Jill's reaction

'QUINCY studies the possibility of allowing imports is an article published by The Augmented Eye. It can be read by Jill Stingray' while she is at home.

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Glitch City is one of the few places on Earth that's strictly self-sufficient, with an important rate of only 0.8%. However, that might change due to the recent shortages across the city.

Prime Minister QUINCY revealed this morning that the government plans to have a mored relaxed policy for importers. "We don't lift the currency control, but we can provide them foreign currency at a low fixed rate. That way, we can secure essential items at affordable prices." QUINCY told AE.

Some experts say that private companies are no longer working at full capacity, which is unsurprising news given that the QUINCY government has seized most of them, resulting in the shortage crisis in the first place.

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