Rad Shiba: You'll pet me sooner or later.
They all do.

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— Rad Shiba.

Rad Shiba is a dog who "works" part time at VA-11 Hall-A, although most of the time he's treated as a patron.

Appearance Edit

Rad Shiba is a Shiba Inu who wears a Hawaiian shirt and aviator sunglasses. He is always seen panting, with his tongue lolling out.

Personality Edit

Rad Shiba is hard working and dedicated to getting funds for the Canine Independent Rescue Association (CIRA for short). However, he can be bit distractible at times, often getting overly excited when there is a cat involved, such as when Jill brought Fore to the bar for a night.

He is also extremely forward and honest, immediately calling a promo drink "horrible" when served (correctly) by Jill.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Rad Shiba's past beyond his affiliation with Nacho. At some point, the two of them founded CIRA and have been working to keep the organization afloat. Rad Shiba has been working odd jobs since the foundation of the organization to provide funds.

Rad Shiba shows up on Day 8 as a "part timer" brought in by Dana to help with the bar.

Order list Edit

December 20 (Day 8)

Trivia Edit

  • His name isn't actually Rad Shiba, but for some reason, Dana is insistent that, regardless of what his name is, “His name is Rad Shiba!”
  • Rad Shiba doesn't know how to do most basic dog commands. Whenever someone asks him to roll or sit, he just says "Sir, yes sir!". When he's asked to bark, he just says "Bark". He can chase his tail a specific no. of times, albeit with some difficulty.
  • Rad Shiba has a very low opinion of the Seifar Toy Company, calling them "Herding Supremacists."
  • When you play truth or dare, and Gillian picks him (which Rad Shiba picks dare); Rad Shiba reveals that his owner may be Tom, or maybe James. But then Alma guesses that the owner, which is, in fact, Tom James.
  • Rad Shiba and Nacho seem to be references to Kazuhira Miller and Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
    • CIRA is described as being an organization that seeks to let dogs be dogs in a place where they can be comfortable. This is similar to how Big Boss wanted to create a nation of soldiers for soldiers, as well as parodying the military organization Diamond Dogs which appears in the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
    • "Seifar" is a reference to "Cipher" - individual and organization and enemies for both Big Boss and Kaz from MGS series.
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