Seifar Toy Company is a business founded and run almost entirely by dogs. They had a party at VA-11 Hall-A on the weekend immediately before the beginning of the game, getting poop everywhere in the bathroom (including the vents, the ceiling, and inside the toilet paper dispensers) and causing the entire bar to smell like dog piss for days after.

The Seifar Toy Company, as the name implies, specializes in making toys for canines.

The company has a not so discreet policy for hiring exclusively corgis.

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All Seifar Toy Company dogs are different colored corgis fitted with tuxedos, and all have varying personalities from talking like a child to making puns to being a racist.

  • Lord Pumplerump
  • Arial Wienerton
  • Lady Banner
  • Dragon Fucker
  • Satan's Hellper
  • Pesky Furball
  • Wyrm Frigger
  • Bangkok Bastard
  • Tortilla Pope
  • Cou Rage
  • Accident
  • Dog 5
  • Mister Puff
  • Third Barkday
  • Poop-eater
  • Money Shredder
  • Gruff Bucket
  • Wyvern Lover

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Trivia Edit

  • On day 11, Betty and Deal reveal that "last Saturday"'s incident (when Jill had to sleep at the bar because the city was in chaos and it was unsafe to go home at the time) did a number on the company. Betty and Deal arrived at work on Monday to "find all the dogs hiding behind the desks" from Saturday, some of them were "trying to open a hole in the floor", ruining the carpet. As a side note, the building has advanced security measures, as well as food, water and a bathroom.
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