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A Sugar Rush in VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

Sweet, light and fruity. As girly as it gets.
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A Sugar Rush is 2 Adelhyde, 1 Powdered Delta and (optional) Karmotrine . All mixed.

It's a Sweet, Girly, and Happy drink costing $150.


  • Being able to make a Sugar Rush is a basic requirement for becoming a bartender, since it's so simple that if you can't even make one of these you're not fit to mix drinks, comparing it to frying an egg in cooking.
  • A Sugar Rush is considered a basic drink by many, and it was the first drink ever created on the VA-11 Hall-A bar's CALICOMP system. It's a favourite drink for many.
  • A drink with a similar name - Mo' Sugar Rush - also appears on the drink menu for Stardust, a bar in Read Only Memories.