A Suplex is 4 Bronson Extract, 3 Flanergide and 3 Karmotrine. All on the rocks and mixed.

It's a bitter, burning and manly drink costing $160.

Trivia Edit

  • It was created in the VA-11 Hall-A bar, and is an original drink in the bar. It was created by Gillian.
  • The creation of the Suplex is shown in the VA-11 Hall-A Prototype, after Gillian predicts what Jamie might like. However, in the full-release version of the game, it is stated to be an accidental recipe.
  • The original recipe for the Suplex was 4 Bronson Extract, 2 Flanergide, and 4 Karmotrine, aged, and mixed.
  • According to Ingram, the Suplex is "like a less burning but punchier Piledriver".

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