Julian Thomas, otherwise known as TOMCAT, is a hacker who has been tracking the infamous Alice_Rabbit for fun who stops into VA-11 Hall-A during their search.

They appear if you give Alma a Flaming Moai at any point before Day 16.

Appearance Edit

TOMCAT has an androgynous face with hair coloured purple on one side and blond on the other. They wear a loose fitting purple sleeveless top and are always seen smiling.

Personality Edit

TOMCAT is whimsical and mischievous, deciding to track down the most notorious hackers in Glitch City because it seemed like fun. TOMCAT appreciates skilled hacking, both praising Alice_Rabbit for their ability to cover their tracks while at the same time criticizing them for being "sloppier" than their first few attacks.

Plot Edit

TOMCAT is tracking Alice_Rabbit when they stumble into VA-11 Hall-A, apparently having temporarily lost the trail. When Jill asks for their name, TOMCAT says it's better if their name remains a mystery for the time being. Jill tries to check their name but the registry has been hacked so that TOMCAT can pay for their drinks while remaining anonymous.

TOMCAT explains why they're in Glitch City, saying that curiosity got the best of them after the massive leak of the White Knights' insider info made international news. When asked if they're working for someone, TOMCAT replies that no it's just for fun.

Jill and TOMCAT go on to discuss the identity and modus operandi of Alice_Rabbit. TOMCAT says that they doubt Alice_Rabbit is a group using the name as a symbol, as Alice_Rabbit's actions are too consistent. Therefore it's likely that Alice_Rabbit is either an individual or a group being lead by an individual.

After awhile TOMCAT says they have to get going and tells Jill their name right before they leave.

Order list Edit

December 28 (Day 16)

Achievements Edit

Achievement On a hacking pilgrimage
  • Getting TOMCAT to appear unlocks the achievement "On a hacking pilgrimage".

Trivia Edit

  • TOMCAT is the second cameo character from Read Only Memories.
  • TOMCAT's gender is nonbinary, they prefer to go by gender neutral pronouns.
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