Taylor is a brain in a jar, one of the five disembodied brains from the Sola Anima project.

Appearance Edit

Taylor appears as a disembodied brain in a jar, with three wires, yellow, orange and blue connecting them to the base of said jar, in place of their brain stem.

Personality Edit

Taylor is a cheerful person and a shameless flirt, taking their condition in stride and generally loving life. They're considerate about how seeing a brain in a jar might unnerve some people but they're not above using their condition to tease people and overall are rather philosophical about their state in life.

Plot Edit

Taylor comes in on day 5 when Julianne Stingray is bartending by herself.

Order list Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, there are a number of people in-game that want Taylor to change their name to Brian. This is likely a reference to "Brian the Brain," an episode from the 1970s British science fiction series Space: 1999.
  • It is impossible to get Taylor drunk.
  • In a conversation with Jamie, it's heavily implied that Taylor is in fact the author of The Last Rain in the World, one of Jill's favorite books, which helped her through a solipsistic crisis as mentioned in a conversation with Dorothy.
  • Taylor is agender, citing that they never believed in gender, even when they had a body. They prefer to be referred to with the third person pronoun "it," or "they," if the latter makes Jill more comfortable.
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