A bar at Glitch City, part of the BTC chain, and the setting for most of the story. Owned by Dana with Jill and Gill working as the bartenders and Rad Shiba part-timing there (although it is as of yet unknown what his job actually was.) Most people refer to it as "Valhalla," including Jill whenever she greets a customer.

VA-11 Hall-A is characterized as a hole in the wall establishment that's out of the way of most foot traffic. Outside the main entrance are two talking vending machines. The bar has been sound proofed in part because of these two.

Employees Edit

Former Employees Edit

  • Robert (Former Bartender, Deceased)

Regular Customers Edit


  • When Dana applied for her BTC bar owner certification, she originally wanted her bar code to be VA-1 rather than VA-11. However another BTC bar owner stole the name, so Dana told Brian to hold off until the VA-11 code became available.
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