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VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (also sometimes written as Valhalla) is a booze em' up about waifus, technology, and post-dystopia life.

In this world, corporations reign supreme, all human life is infected with nanomachines designed to oppress them, and the terrifying White Knights ensure that everyone obeys the laws.

But, this is not about those people.

You are a bartender at VA-11 HALL-A, affectionately nicknamed "Valhalla." Although it is just a small bar downtown, it attracts the most fascinating people this side of dystopia. Keep your clients lubricated and you will be made privy to the most interesting stories.


  • Learn about daily life in a cyberpunk dystopia.
  • A branching storyline where your decisions do not depend on traditional choices, but through the drinks you prepare.
  • Visuals inspired by old japanese adventure games for the PC-98, with a modern touch for an other-wordly experience.
  • A beautiful soundtrack composed entirely by Garoad.
  • Get to know your clients, their tastes, and prepare the drink that will change their lives.


Can I romance people?
No, the waifu thing is just an epic prank to make people buy this game.
Is Prologue coming to Steam?
Yes! it will be available on Steam in a free update. It will also use the current engine, so it will be a better version.
Will we get the updated Prologue in other platforms?
Of course!
When is the Vita and iPad versions coming?
Later this year if everything goes fine.
I pre-ordered this a long time ago, but I lost my purchase email with the links, what can I do?
You should go to and use the "Recover Purchases" field, it will send any links attached to your email. That said, you should consider opening an account, because they are the most based store ever.
Where can I buy official merchandise?
We are setting up an official store and should be up in... maybe a month(s).


The game's soundtrack was composed by Michael Kelly(aka Garoad), and features three orignal albums: Sounds From The Future (released August 18, 2014), Second Round (released January 19, 2016), and Bonus Tracks Collection (released September 19, 2017).

The albums sound a lot like Future Synth, although the genre is really hard to place. The composer tried to make this soundtrack sound like it came from the future.

The full soundtrack was received a vinyl release in 2018 by Black Screen Records. The individual albums are also available for purchase on iTunes or the composer's Bandcamp, and available online for free on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Track List[]

# Length Title Album
1 00:47 Hopes and Dreams Second Round
2 02:32 A Neon Glow Lights the Way Second Round
3 03:08 Welcome to VA-11 HALL-A Second Round
4 03:40 Every Day is Night Second Round
5 01:51 Commencing Simulation Second Round
6 03:48 Drive Me Wild Second Round
7 03:14 Good for Health, Bad for Education Second Round
8 01:20 Who Was I? Second Round
9 01:16 Troubling News Second Round
10 03:43 A Gaze That Invited Disaster Second Round
11 02:15 Friendly Conversation Second Round
12 03:28 You've Got Me Second Round
13 03:37 Umemoto Second Round
14 01:45 JC Elton's= Second Round
15 01:33 Go! Go! Streaming-chan! Second Round
16 03:41 All Systems, Go! Second Round
17 01:58 Where Do I Go From Here? Second Round
18 01:46 Will You Remember Me? Second Round
19 02:22 Everything Will Be Okay Second Round
20 01:53 March of the White Knights Second Round
21 03:24 A. Rene Second Round
22 02:39 Safe Heaven Second Round
23 03:42 Neo Avatar Second Round
24 03:15 Those Who Dwell in Shadows Second Round
25 04:06 Nighttime Maneuvers Second Round
26 02:21 A Star Pierces the Darkness Second Round
27 03:00 Your Love is a Drug Second Round
28 03:27 Through the Storm, We Will Find a Way Second Round
29 04:41 Synthestitch Second Round
30 02:50 Snowfall Second Round
31 02:41 The Answer Lies Within Second Round
32 04:10 Dawn Approaches Second Round
33 02:58 With Renewed Hope, We Continue Forward Second Round
34 02:13 Last Call Second Round
35 02:36 Reminiscence Second Round
36 04:40 Believe in me who believes in You Second Round
37 01:33 Digital Drive Second Round
38 04:00 The Girl with the Iron Heart
39 01:06 Metropolis Sounds From The Future
40 04:09 Neon District Sounds From The Future
41 02:25 Karmotrine Dream Sounds From The Future
42 03:12 Skyline Sounds From The Future
43 04:12 A New Frontier Sounds From The Future
44 03:18 Dusk Sounds From The Future
45 03:37 Meet The Staff Sounds From The Future
46 02:31 Heart Of The City Sounds From The Future
47 01:45 A City That Never Sleeps Sounds From The Future
48 02:33 Base Of The Titans Sounds From The Future
49 02:50 Follow The Trail Sounds From The Future
50 03:16 Out Of Orbit Sounds From The Future
51 01:48 Tense Sounds From The Future
52 02:11 Underground Club Sounds From The Future
53 03:18 Showtime! Sounds From The Future
54 03:29 An Alternate Reality
55 02:48 The Assignment
56 02:18 Truth Bonus Tracks Collection
57 02:26 Glitch City Bonus Tracks Collection
58 02:27 Re: Snowfall Bonus Tracks Collection
59 01:37 Re: Base of the Titans Bonus Tracks Collection


This article contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Many Achievements can be earned by performing various actions during your gameplay. There are 34 Achievements in total[1].

Icon Name In-game Description Requirements
Achievement Welcome to Valhalla Welcome to Valhalla! What can I get you? Start the game
Achievement G'Evening G'evening The chapter's name means "First" Start the 1st chapter
Achievement I know what I said I know what I said Sometimes a wrong drink can be the right thing Mess up an order
Achievement Flawless Service Flawless Service Get a flawless service bonus Complete any one day without mistakes made
Achievement Coming right up Coming right up This chapter's name means "Bitter" Start the 2nd chapter
Achievement Caci… que Caci… que? It's not everyday a client gives you a gift Receiving the rum present from Stella.
Achievement Time to mix drinks and change lives Time to mix drinks and change lives And this one means "Sweet". Ain't that sweet? Start the 3rd chapter
Achievement Underappreciated drink Underappreciated drink There's a drink nobody asks for... Serving a Crevice Spike when a client asks for any drink, or a drink in its category.
Achievement Did you miss me Did you miss me? Here's a gift! Meet Anna again, in Chapter 3
Achievement I like it, okay I like it, okay? Fill your playlist (ALL of it) with a song you like Fill all twelve slots of the Jukebox playlist with the same song.
Achievement Please come again Please come again And thank you for playing Finish the game
Achievement Don't call me Becky! Don't call me Becky! Chat with Becky behind the bar Satisfying Dorothy with her orders.
Achievement And now, for something completely different… And now, for something completely different… Get to the good ending Achieve the good ending
Achievement I feel like an adult I feel like an adult Make sure Jill pays all of her bills Pay all your bills
Achievement (´・ω・`) (´・ω・`) You don't need to be in a stream to see the audience react Pressing K, I, O, L or P at the bar
Achievement Welcome back! Welcome back! Here for another round? Start a New Game+
Achievement Sisterly bonding Sisterly bonding Get Alma's ending Achieve Alma's ending
Achievement Dorothinquisition! Dorothinquisition! Get Dorothy's ending Achieve Dorothy's ending
Achievement Hey Jules Hey Jules Play a video game Play Model Warrior Julianne
Achievement Deep breaths Deep breaths Chat behind the bar with a bandaged girl Give Sei the drink that she prefers
Achievement So unnecessary So unnecessary Fill the room with all the clutter Purchase every decoration.
Achievement Cozy hell Cozy hell Get the "Bad" ending Fail to pay the rent at the end of the month.
Achievement Cyberfunk Cyberfunk Decorate Jill's room in the most flamboyant way possible Match the designs of your wall and table
Achievement Tim's Curry Tim's Curry Help a guy open his curry stand Achieve Virgilio's ending
Achievement Employee of the month Employee of the month Get ALL the flawless service bonuses Getting the flawless service record for every work day
Achievement Hit the jukebox Hit the jukebox Unlock all the songs Unlock all songs. Several are purchased from JC Elton's
Achievement Focus! Focus! Make sure Jill doesn't get distracted even once Purchase all the items that Jill wants, to keep from getting distracted (Bills included)
Achievement An old friend An old friend A certain drink might bring Dana's old friend to the bar Get the 1st Secret Client to the bar.
Achievement On a hacking pilgrimage On a hacking pilgrimage Serving a certain drink to a hacker will bring another hacker to the bar Get the 2nd Secret Client to the bar.
Achievement A different breed of cat A different breed of cat Serving certain drink to one cat might bring another cat to the bar Get the 3rd Secret Client to the bar.
Achievement Living with style Living with style Unlock all the decoration options Buy all decorative patterns for the Nanocamo module (the "Rad?" corgi pattern is optional)
Achievement Listen to my song! Listen to my song! Attend a concert Achieve *Kira* Miki's ending
Achievement In the name of beauty! In the name of beauty! Win a video game Finish the Model Warrior Julianne game
Achievement Jill of all trades Jill of all trades Get all achievements Unlock every other Achievement in the game

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  • The track "Good for Health, Bad for Education" is a reference to Shotaro Kaneda's jacket in Akira