VA-11 Hall-A KIDS is a freeware game released on the April Fools of 2018.

The game is a light-hearted parody of VA-11 Hall-A, set in a high school with the female cast changed into schoolgirls. The plot follows Dana Zane as she investigate who crashed Sei's festival booth. Gameplay is very simple, involving mostly talking with the characters and looking into places or people. The game is also very short, being finished in a matter of minutes.


  • Dana Zane: Acts as the game's protagonist.
  • Stella: Will give Dana her main mission during the game. Can be found doing cleanup on Zane's Hideout.
  • Sei: Had her festival booth crashed, but doesn't seem very concerned about it.
  • Gaby: She is "The Law". Blocks the entrance to the Auditorium.
  • Jill: Hanging around with Alma on the School Entrance, is being bullied by her uterus.
  • Alma: Also hanging on the Entrance, she's out of dates for the day.
  • Dorothy: First found in the Auditorium, she'll act as Dana's sidekick.
  • Betty: Is helping Sei fix her booth, seems to have hurt herself while carrying some materials.

Anna's secretEdit

The game's files come with password-protected compressed file named "Anna has the key.rar". In order to learn the file's password, the player must find Anna Graem at various points in the game. It is fuckjillmarryalma. The compressed file contains a single video file named "Up in smoke.mp4", which shows a 3D rendered city and a girl pointing a gun at the screen.

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