Virgilio Armandio is a former White Knight and a regular customer at VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance Edit

Virgilio is a slightly overweight man with very pale skin and black, somewhat messy hair. He has green eyes and full lips. He is always seen wearing a black jacket and a white shirt with its top button undone, as well as a multi colored tie. His most prominent feature is the black question mark on his forehead.

In Virgilio's ending, he wears orange sunglasses and his hair is completely slicked back.

Personality Edit

Virgilio initially presents himself as a pompous buffoon, asking for drinks in a cryptic and unclear manner and being incredibly patronising to Jill in certain situations.

This is, in fact, just a facade to draw attention away from himself, in order to have people dismiss him immediately as an idiot. In actuality, Virgilio is a brave and selfless man who came to the aid of Stella and Sei when they were in danger, despite having to kill his superior in the process and losing all credibility as a white knight.

Biography Edit

Occupation as a White KnightEdit

Virgilio used to work as a White Knight. It's likely that he recognised Gillian because they have met Virgilio as a White Knight. One day, his superior took two girls, Stella and Sei, as a hostage when they were playing in the park. When the knight was cornered by authorities, he began to gouge Stella's eye out and kicked Sei in the chest, severely injuring her in the process.

While being on duty, Virgilio attacked his superior. Virgilio was treated as a traitor and he was accused of being the one attacking kids and killing his superior before another unit subdued him. Virgilio later escaped their custody and was forced into hiding. Actual circumstances behind the incident were left unknown.

"Curator" at the Steampunk Museum Edit

Presumably after he left the White Knights, Virgilio needed a job. One of his friends, the director of the Steampunk Museum employed Virgilio to work there (whether or not it's as a curator is not confirmed).

Virgilio claimed he "stud[ied] everything that comes and keep[s the museum] clean for the people that visit the premises." He is at odds with the owner of the museum, saying that he should "stop touching the exhibits". Afterwards, Jill is sceptical if Virgilio is the curator, and instead comments that the owner "treats [Virgilio] like a janitor or something like that," to which Virgilio replied, "Exactly!". He probably was a janitor.

Tim's CurryEdit

Stella and Sei managed to find Virgilio and thanked him for saving them when they were kids. To show their gratitude, the girls helped Virgilio to open the curry stand he dreamt of with the help of Stella's wealth. Stella and Sei become regulars on the stand and Jill describes his curry as delicious.

Order listEdit

December 17 (Day 5)
  • Any drink whose ingredients total 17. (Optional Karmotrine drinks are a go-to for the 17)
  • "A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat." (A Fedora)
December 19 (Day 7)
  • "Something fake" (Any drink. Serving Frothy Water or any -blast drink also gives a different response.)
  • "Something pure" (Any drink. Bottled Drinks for maximum profit. Zen Star to unlock his ending)
December 22 (Day 10)
December 26 (Day 14)

Trivia Edit

  • The character's design and name are based on a fictional character as portrayed by Jim Sterling ( source 1 source 2)
  • According to Virgilio, his name pronounced as Veer-HEE-rio (keep in mind that this is when he was acting like a buffoon, so this could be wrong).
  • Virgilio likes spicy things a lot. "Not only in regards to painfully spicy things but also the way mild or slight spice adds to a meal."
  • Virgilo always liked the steampunk aesthetic and finds the whole art movement fascinating. He finds it interesting to see how certain currents mirror certain cultures (in this case, how steampunk takes from Victorian culture; he comments that non-Victorian examples are too few and far between).
  • Virgilio was avoiding some people and found the VA-11 Hall-A bar to hide.
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