Jill: I wonder what Alma thinks of this whole thing...
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"Wonderlanders" are the newest threat to your security is an article published by The Augmented Eye.

Transcript Edit

If you thought Alice_Rabbit was good at cracking the most complicated security protocols in the world, then this new group will certainly blow your mind. They've yet to make an impact as big as Alice_Rabbit, but they seem to be aiming very high with the recent threats issued against Prime Minister QUINCY.

"We hold full access to QUINCY's email network and we'll release the whole database this January," the group declared during a stream.

"Shallow threats." Edit

When questioned, Prime Minister QUINCY dismissed all of the group's threats by stating he's not "hiding anything" and is not afraid of a possible leak of his email history.

"Maybe everyone will get to see what kind of TV I bought last month."

Wild Parties Edit

The people behind the Wonderlanders seemed to enjoy dressing in all kinds of rabbit costumes during the stream. From anthro to bunny girl, the purpose was to show the love and respect they have for Alice_Rabbit and their role in today's politics.

"We want to follow their example while having some fun!"

We're not sure if this will go anywhere, but we'll be there to tell you if it does.

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